From the way TRACE community homes are selling, it’s no surprise the real estate market is hot in San Marcos. According to Community Impact, San Marcos homes are selling 21 percent faster than they did in 2011. With housing prices climbing in San Antonio and Austin, the new homes in San Marcos provide a more affordable option.

Considering new homes in San Marcos are selling like hotcakes, here are five tips to find the right one for you.

  1. Find the Right Real Estate Agent

A trusted real estate agent is the one person on your side throughout the home buying process. They can do more than find the right homes in the right neighborhoods and help you get inside to browse. They know the entire home purchasing process and will guide you from start to sign.

A good real estate agent can help you put together a support team consisting of the lender, inspector, and others. Ask friends and family to refer you to an agent they know. Interview a handful until you find the one who feels right for you. Once you sign a contract with an agent, you won’t be able to work with another.

  1. Get a Pre-Approved Loan

Since you have a real estate agent you can trust, you’ll land the right lender in no time. It’s smart to get pre-approved for a loan because it’ll improve your chances of winning the bid. The seller will take you more seriously when you’ve already lined up a loan. This is because the seller knows the chances of a deal falling through would be much slimmer.

If possible, try to obtain a full approval for a loan. Sometimes it’s not possible to do that before bidding, but every bit helps.

  1. Browse Homes Now

When you look for new homes in San Marcos in December and January, you’ll have less competition. As families prepare to move after school lets out and builders complete their new homes, there will be more inventory. And with more inventory comes less competition.

Another reason buying a new home now in the winter months gives you an advantage? San Marcos homebuyers who wanted to move in before the holidays to celebrate in their new home have likely already closed on their home and you won’t be competing with them.

  1. Buy a New Home

The advantage of buying new is that no one has come before you. You don’t have to worry about a home’s repair history. Besides, you’re more apt to customize your home the way you like it. No buying an older home and gutting it.

Newer homes also require less maintenance especially when you work with a local builder who knows the area, its terrain, and its weather patterns. They design homes to survive the area’s elements and stand strong on its land.

  1. Select an Energy Efficient Home

Speaking of new homes, you’re more likely to get an energy efficient one. More San Marcos builders are committed to designing energy efficient homes. Energy-saving features help homes last longer, minimize utility bills, and limit the effects of extreme temperatures especially summer in Texas.

Features to look for include ENERGY-STAR certified products such as thermostats and appliances, efficient air conditioning and heating systems, and windows treated with a protective coating.

What makes new homes in San Marcos in TRACE stand out from other neighborhoods is our great location near all the places you want to visit and our great amenities including three parks, an Amenity Center and an onsite school. Visit TRACE today to find your new home in San Marcos!