With six parks and acres of open space planned for the TRACE in San Marcos community, you can expect many residents will have furry family members to take to the parks. They also need a place to go to keep their pets happy and healthy or to seek treatment when needed. You can find that at Williams-Sebby Veterinary Clinic, only five minutes away from TRACE.

Animals who need a San Marcos veterinarian will find compassionate ones in Dr. Williams, Dr. Sebby, and their team at this vet clinic. Dr. Williams opened the doors in San Marcos, TX in 1985. This full-service animal hospital handles emergencies, routine medical care, training, and grooming.

San Marcos Veterinarian Services

Although named for two of their veterinarians, many veterinarians practice at this vet. You can meet some of the team members. Williams-Sebby wants to ensure every animal can find care here including exotics, rabbits, reptiles, birds, and small farm animals. Not all San Marcos, TX vet clinics have the expertise to handle emergencies and less common pets like this one does.

They also work with larger animals including goats, sheep, horses, cattle, and pigs. At least one veterinarian and many team members stand by ready to help six days a week. They’re equipped to handle any emergency and urgent care needs that aren’t life-threatening.

For times when a pet needs specialized care and treatment, their doctors will make sure that your pet sees the right specialist. The clinic takes appointments and squeezes in patients should something come up that cannot wait.

Vet Clinic Resources

With the vast amount of information out there on the internet, it can be challenging to determine which resources are reliable. Williams-Sebby Veterinarian Clinic provides a list of veterinarian resources they trust. You can also check out their newsletter library for valuable information on pet care.

Williams-Sebby Veterinarian Clinic is at 131 Coachman Dr., San Marcos, TX, 78666. For more information, please call 512-396-1996 or visit their website at williams-sebbyvetclinic.com.

TRACE in San Marcos residents appreciate having a highly-qualified San Marcos veterinarian close to home. Furbabies don’t always love going to the vet. At least, the vet clinic is a very short drive, which comes in handy for emergencies. Here’s hoping there’s never an emergency. One thing you can count on with every visit is the team’s compassion for your furry family members.